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Premium Ultra Thin Matte Mesh Hard Case

ULTRA THIN – our iPhone X case gives superior protection without being bulky, it fits effortlessly into your pocket or purse, measuring 0.02 inches you won’t even know it’s there. Choose your favorite color from our range

LIGHTWEIGHT – we understand that phone protection shouldn’t mean extra bulk or unnecessary weight, we’ve made our thinnest cell phone case the lightest we could with top of the range protection 

ANTI-SLIP – keep better hold of your iPhone X with our anti-slip grip, a standard feature on all of our X Phone Ultra-Thin Cases. There is a brushed finish that looks good but has the dual function of preventing your phone and X phone case from slipping from your hand

QUALITY – understated but incredibly classy, our non-branded X cases offer a matte and frosted finish without hiding the appearance of your top of the range iPhone also included is a discreet mesh to enable your phone to breathe and not overheat

PROTECTION – made from strong, quality PU plastic, you can be rest assured that your phone will be protected at all times with its raised edge and rounded corners which take the impact if your phone is dropped

Garnet Red
Spruce Blue
Metal Black