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Meet The Team

One person joked that if phones would talk, they would complain when they are not covered. A phone needs to be protected from harsh elements and breakage. What a better way to do this than using unique phone cases. We are a business dedicated to providing our customers with unique products. Our products (and services) are geared towards ensuring customer satisfaction and comfort. As people who are well versed with the industry, you can trust in us to provide product which fits your style, and perfectly protect your phone from elements or damages. Based in New Jersey, we spread our services all over the world. We provide our customers with unique phone cases, wooden, alcantara, and carbon fiber among other materials. We also provide accessories such as screen protectors.
Sometime back people did not care about the size of their phone covers and other accessories. To them, all they needed was to protect their phone, without worrying whether the cover was big(, ugly) or unpleasant. However, times have changed, people pay more attention to (about) their phone covers and accessories, they are looking for small, classy and stylish covers - something that makes a statement about their phone. We are here to give our customers phone covers and accessories that fit within their lifestyles. We are dedicated towards providing unique covers, products that will not only give their phones the protection they need but also enhance their portability and beauty.
We are very strict about quality; we strive to give our customer phone covers and accessories that meet the highest standard. Our products are sourced from the best manufacturers, those who are committed to maintaining high quality standards and safety measures. We strictly vet our manufacturers ensuring that every product that is provided to us meets the customer’s needs and measures up to international standards. With our products, you are assured of nothing but the best, quality phone covers and accessories that have been made to satisfy the customer’s needs and that are also safe for the environment.
Unique and premium packaging
As people who believe in uniqueness, style and elegance, we package our phone accessories in attractive, durable and premium packages which also ensure safe travels to their final destination. We do this to ensure that the products get to their desired destination in good shape. We are committed to ensuring that our customers get phone covers and accessories which are not subjected to harsh weather elements or damages which may not guarantee protection for our phones. Regardless of the distance covered when shipping or the conditions to which it is subjected when in transit, you are assured of high protection.
Our products are available online, customers can access them on Amazon and soon we will launch our e-bay store. We are also present across social media pages, where we display our product and showcase how you can benefit from quality phone covers and accessories. Find our products on, or Google.
As a startup we value our customers; we always aim to provide quality services and products. We welcome your order of our phone covers and accessories; we have ensured the cases are sourced from the best ready to be conveyed to the best. Protect your phone with a small, easily portable funky and affordable phone case.